Hector Loza

New album lejos de ti

Héctor Loza Castañeda - the talented musician and composer from Ecuador. The musician performs traditional Indian music, as well as instrumental cover versions of famous compositions in his own arrangements in the national style. 

Now work is underway on the new album LEJOS DE TI. Several tunes have already been published. Thank you in advance for sharing, and donating if you're able for your help in continuing to complete the album. 

Musicians cannot play concerts during a pandemic, so your help is very important.

Many thanks!

Если вы из России или Казахстана и есть желание помочь, то сможете сделать это здесь https://yoomoney.ru/to/410018129753503

Свой выбор можете написать в комментарии к переводу. Спасибо. 

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